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Additional Resources Contact Directory now has a facebook page. It was created as a meanse to be able to find additional resources and to connect driectly with a crainial Doctor.
Cranial Facial Release Technique. Dr. Adam Del Torto
Nasal Release Presentation, Demonstration, and testimonial. Dr. Cynthia Stein
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This Directory is dedicated to the Stober Family and to the memory of DR J.R. Stober who tirelessly strived to create awareness and
help those who were in need. Today many of those who still continue on the practice of Endo-nasal Therapy and many who now teach it to a new generation were at one point Dr Stoberís students and colleges within the Chiropractic Community.
Last updated 2/2015
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Traditional Nasal Specific Demo by David Jones and Dr. George Siegfried
Nasal Specific