In developing this research project for Bilateral Nasal Specific, I have spent months conducting research and studying the development of this practice. As a life long patient I can personally assess and relate to the advantages and the even harder to find disadvantages that this treatment offers. My goal here is to share my knowledge with others and to provide the resources, information, and the hope that there is a way to help those we love live a better life. Especially for children, children with disabilities who need that extra helping hand in helping them along life’s great journey. I have written a paper/small book on Nasal Specific from a Patients Perspective and have included the segments as links here for your information. All of the information provided here is widely known in many various forms. I have just tied the pieces together so that you may have a better understanding and accumulative knowledge that there is hope in improving the lives of those with cognitive disabilities, or for those who are seeking to live a better life.
The Skeletal Plates/A Small Childs Skull
The Relationship of the Spine
The Nervous System and the Brain
Birth Trama/Traumatic Brain Injury
Ears, Eyes, Sinuses, and Teeth
Bilateral Nasal Specific/Endonasal Ballon Therapy
History and Background
A Mothers Account
Oppertunities and Threats
Questions and Answers
Closing Statements
Bilateral Nasal Specific
Nasal Specific
Bilateral Nasal Specific
Additional Resources Contact Directory
Personal Testiomony and Case Study
Symptoms that may Improve/Cerebral Palsy
Bilateral Nasal Specifics